Our Rental Property Services

Whether you own a low-rise modest building or a high-rise upscale property, we will manage your property to foster a cooperative and inclusive relationship with your tenants. Satisfied tenants contributes to longevity of tenancy. All tenants are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Property owners are kept informed on all aspects of the property from its financial tracking to its state of repair.

Rental Services include but are not limited to....

  • Advertising services for available units
  • Showing of available units
  • Application and Deposit collection to secure units
  • Lease signing services
  • Move in and out inspections
  • Rent Collection
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Response
  • Advice and Consultation services for owners
  • Financial reports, customized to individual units as required
  • Customize a preventative maintenance plan
  • Provide an annual energy audit update
  • We offer the benefits associated with bulk service purchases
  • Representation at Landlord Tenancy Board hearings

Other services can be customized to your individual property and budget.