Tenant Services...


Guardian Property Management provides a range of tenant services to assist in the search for a suitable residence. Our rental property manager will take the time to sit with you and provide you with a description of the available units which will meet your specific needs.

Leases can sometimes be very intimidating documents. At Guardian Property Management we are committed to ensuring our clients are fully informed before signing any documents. We will make every effort to demystify the document and paraphrase the content of the lease so you are fully aware of the document you are signing and what your rights are.


Ongoing communication and timely response to arising issues is key to long-term relationships. Technology has become an integral part of how we operate in this day and age. While we are available in person or on the phone to our tenants during working, we also provide an email link directly to our rental manager where you can make inquiries Guardian Property Management regarding your rental accommodations.

After hours services for emergency repairs provides our tenants with a level of comfort knowing that we can be contacted 24/7 regarding emergency repairs. Where the issue is not an emergency, we offer an online Maintenance Request Form.


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